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Playground Grenzstr./ Königsbrücker Landstr.

Mikado Playground Klotzsche

On the playground at the “Grenzstraße” and “Königsbrücker Landstrasse” in Dresden Klotzsche you can find Mikado sticks – real big ones! The playground is parallel to the “Königsbrücker Landstraße”, but separated by a small ditch or stream.

Here is the Mikado playground!

There is a cable car, a beautiful climbing frame with slide and climbing wall, many ropes to balance on climb on and a hammock. All playing equipment is designed as oversized Mikado sticks. A great idea that was very well implemented. The playground is very new and well maintained – truly a dream!

At the very beginning of the playground, near the “Grenzstrasse”, there is a ping-pong table. At the end, on the other side of the stream you can find a relic of earlier times: a swing set with old car tires. (Those who read here often know already my opinion on “recycling of tires on playgrounds”.)

Since I have not found any information about the inauguration of the Mikado playground on the website of Dresden, it could also be that the Mikado-part of the playground was built by the housing association.

Free parking is available on the other side of the houses.

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