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Playground Toeplerpark in Dresden Tolkewitz


In the east of Dresden almost close to the district of Tolkewitz the Toeplerpark is located. There are lots of greenery, a football ground and a public playground.

Playground equipment

At the playground there is a long pipe slide, a climbing frame and a huge basket swing, a carousel and two seesaws. Ideal for kids of ages from 3-7 years.

Further leisure opportunities

Below the Toeplerpark on a meadow there is a football ground including two goals. Besides there is a playing field with adjustable net (e.g. for badminton). The Toeplerpark is also suitable for doing first steps about learning to bicycle of our little darlings. Parents could go jogging nearby. In winter it is possible to sled on two hills see sledging in Toeplerpark at Rodelberge.de.

Safety and cleanliness

The playground is alright and clean. Glass splinters are seldom (if you find some you should pick them up of course). The entrance to street is secured with a turnstile. The area is rather straightforward. At the adjacent meadows you should take a closer look because dog owners go out for a walk with their dogs there.


The playground has some really nice playground equipment. It is well suited for daily local recreation. For infants (age 0-3) you should take sand toys with you. Older kids can play soccer, cycle by bike and romp around as like as playing badminton and volleyball.

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