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Fire Brigade Playground Berliner Straße

Already a while ago Martin made me draw my attention to the new playground on the Berliner Straße 29 in Dresden-Friedrichstadt:

Located right next to the rescue station of the „Maltese“ paramedic station is the beautifully designed playground with climbing elements, slide, jump mat, small ball corner, sand corner and a small maze. Suitable for children aged 1 to 7 years.

When I was recently in the area, I visited the playground and took some pictures. I was pleasantly surprised and I must say, Martin did not promise too much! The playground is really superbly equipped and provides for a wide age range varied activity options.

Under the slogan “Emergency Call Centre 112” a fantastic themes playground was created to appeal to both fantasy game-children and motion gaming children. There is a large climbing frame with a tube slide, climbing poles and nets, rope swings, trampoline, etc. For the smaller children there is a sandpit with a small climbing frame and a tunnel. Teens can enjoy an asphalt court with basketball net and roofed seating.

The entire playground is fenced in and provided with a gate. Young children therefore cannot get lost here. Likewise dog excrements should therefore not be an issue.

My conclusion

Standardized playgrounds from the manufacturer’s catalogue are history! Here an excellent game system has been created, showing an outstanding example of what creativity and attention to detail in the playground design is possible today.

A visit is highly recommended and worthwhile even with a required longer travel time.

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