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Playground Fortification Mercury

slides on playground Bastion Merkur

Dresden newest playground is right in the center opposite the “Altmarktgalerie”. On the site of the old, at that time unfortunately often very dirty, playground on the “Wallstrasse” a completely new, relatively open area was created by the city of Dresden.

The outer shape of the climbing scaffold is based on an ancient city fortification which at one time stood here. “Mercury” is the ancient Roman god, which was re-created as a sculpture by the Dresden artist “Carsten Bürger” and now watches over the playground.
The playground was opened punctually 30th May 2010 for Children and cost about 500,000€


The playground is dominated by a huge, 6m high and 40x 80m long wooden climbing frame. This is by far the greatest climbing frame in Dresden. On the climbing frame there are stairs, ladders, viewing platforms, portable climbing levels, ropes, ramps, walkways, eight swings and three red plastic pipe slides. (Note: the red plastic pipes did not work and where replaced by steel pipes in the meantime!)
Under the climbing frame there is a trampoline and next to the climbing frame is a huge sandbox area with surrounding park banks (unfortunately without a sun shade) and a roller track.

Safety and cleanliness

A dish serving as a climbing protection and located on a rope above the mobile climbing levels has been damaged. Otherwise I have found no other complaints. Hopefully this remains so – the old playground was unfortunately often visited by drinking companions who then also left and forgot their waste there.

Rating and Conclusion

The playground is centrally located in the center of Dresden and is visible from afar. In my opinion, the playground displays an important sign of a new way of thinking: Children get the place they deserve to have! Therefore, it reflects (hopefully) and help ensure that our children and their needs get even more attention in the center of public awareness. From this point of view, I think the investment made is absolutely justified.
Overall, I would appreciate that the playground is not fully recommended, despite its size for each age group and for each play type. Infants come a little too short and even teenagers are out of place here.
The site suffers from some of the traffic load on the surrounding streets. Nevertheless, it is super for a stopover during a (shopping) trip into the city center. Also to let off steam for medium sized children it is a worthwhile destination.

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