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Indoor Swimming Pool Dresden-Bühlau


Since January 2016 there is a new indoor swimming pool in Dresden-Bühlau. The indoor swimming pool was built together with a kindergarten on the grounds of the former tram station “Bühlau”. An old station clock and an infrared cabin in the tram style still give remembrance.

The pool Bühlau is not a water leisure park, but a classic swimming pool. It can be compared to the swimming pool in Prohlis, except that here everything is new and shiny. You will certainly not want to spend a whole day on the premises, as there is no catering offered. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this – it is very well suited independent of the weather to go with the kids for a swim for up to two hours.

The pool has three pools, a 25m-swimmer pool, a wading pool with a movable floor and a baby pool. Upstairs is a sauna area with 65C°, 90C° and a steam room (which we did not visit).

To get to the pool there are two collective dressing rooms and several individual dressing rooms available. I think the mixed collective changing rooms are very well suited for families as you can change together with the children. We were assured by the pool operator that there is a baby diaper changing table in the family changing rooms, as well as the baby paddling pool. Therefore it was explained in an earlier version of this article that there would be none. Apologies for this misinformation.
Very nice is the large hair care area at the entrance, where free hairdryer and sockets are available. Benches are planned and will be available very soon where one can change ones shoes. This also eliminates the problem that you have to enter with your street shoes right into the locker room.

The lifting platform of the training pool or wading pool was set during our visit at 1.30 m water depth. This is for smaller children already too much, so you should definitely take arm floats with you for non-swimmers. There were several swimming “noodles” and swimming boards for free use.

The baby wading pool has a variable depth of approximately 20-40cm water depth. For toddlers, it could still bit a little shallower, but otherwise it is well suited and warm enough. Laterally, there is a small slide

Admission prices and opening times

The admission prices are cheaper compared to a water park and valid for 1.5h, 2.5h, and day ticket. There are also tickets of ten, family tickets and discounts for Dresden Pass holders. In 2016 a family ticket for 1,5h cost 10€. For current prices, please look at the website of the pool hall.

The indoor swimming pool is also used for school swimming, clubs and classes. Nevertheless, there are fortunately continuous opening times from Mon-Sun from 10am – 9pm and a Tuesday and Friday and breakfast swimming from 6am – 8am. Caution with non-swimmers: During Cure and Treatment times (currently Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri) the training pool is not available! (Status as of 2016, please visit the website of the swimming pool information)

Getting there

One can take the tram no. 11 until the stop “Schwimmhalle Bühlau” (former “Neubühlauer Strasse”) (Connection information)
Alternatively, there are some parking spaces directly in front of the swimming pool, which might be hard to find and already occupied when there are many visitors

Further information

In the swimming pool there are a variety of third party offered courses, e.g. baby swimming classes, swimming or water aerobics. Info about this on the website of the swimming pool

Schwimmhalle Bühlau
Bautzner Landstrasse 92 c
01324 Dresden
Phone: 0351 – 266 672 80
Website: dresdner-baeder.de/hallenbaeder/schwimmhalle-buehlau

Our impression

The indoor pool “Bühlau” is great and very suitable for sporting activity of the children, e.g. even during rainy weather. We enjoyed the pool very much. Overall, a clear recommendation from us and worth the trip.

Thanks to “Dresdner Bäder” GmbH for the provision of the indoor photos!

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