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Playground in the Beutlerpark

Spielplatz Beutlerpark - Kletteranlage mit Rutsche und Rutschstange

The Beutlerpark is a beautiful green area in the Dresden “Südvorstadt”, near the Technical University.
Ther is a small playground in the park, which was opened in May 2015 after refurbishment. Janin sent me some pictures and writes:

Since we live just around the corner from the “Beutlerpark”, we naturally followed the refurbishment of the park. And I find it is very nicely done. Since May the playground is accessible again and is well received, as far as I can observe. There are now many climbing opportunities, especially for older children. But my daughter (1 1/2) also likes climbing there and finds the slide absolutely great, although it is still a bit too tall for her to slide on her own. But that is what Mum is there for.

In Addition On The Playground

Of course a sandbox and those who know the place from earlier will probably recognize the rocking horse again, having apparently received a new coat of paint. Overall I think the site has gained a lot. On the meadow in the park one can also play good football or throw frisbees.

Cafes Nearby

Next to the playground is the old drinking room of “Pfunds” dairy. A café has now moved into there for quite some time. We ourselves have heard about not only positive reports about it, but that’s already a while ago. Who was there lately and can report? Alternatively, located just near the “Beutlerpark” is the Ice Cafe Jähnig, and we can certainly recommend that

In The Winter

Since the “Beutlerpark is on a hill, you can found here in winter, some places where you can toboggan. However, it is not optimal because the road is immediately at the bottom of the hill.

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