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Weesenstein Castle in the Müglitz Valley

Schloss Wesenstein

Saxony’s palaces and castles are always worth a visit. A while ago, I wrote an article about Stolpen Castle.

Next will be Weesenstein Castle.

If you take the car in direction of Heidenau, turn off for Altenberg (direction of Erzgebirge), follow the signposting. Weesenstein is located in the narrow Müglitz valley.

During the flood in summer 2002, because of the narrow valley, not only lots of houses, but also the entire castle and its surrounds were destroyed. The usually very quiet Müglitz stream converted itself into a raging torrent, which carried away everything in its path. As a result of the flood wave, the castle grounds were under a thick layer of mud and debris. In spring 2007, the castle garden was reopened and around 110 new trees were planted along the avenues.

What else can be discovered?

I would like to quote another Dresden blog:

A Romanesque castle, renaissance castle, baroque residence, romantic royal residence – all these are associated with the name Weesenstein. The unique architectural ensemble in the Müglitz valley is looking back on seven centuries of Saxon history.

Four significant aristocratic families have left their mark on Weesenstein castle, the last familiy were the Wettins (until 1917). Prince John worked on his translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy in his favorite residence Weesenstein, before he became king of Saxony. His study, a Protestant and the Catholic chapel, the hall with “leather wallpaper”, the Chinese Salon, the knight’s hall and lots of further rooms of the 17th to 19th century offer the visitor a good impression of the former life on Weesenstein.


We went there some two years ago, after the castle grounds had been reopened and the last new trees had been planted. The castle and its garden are really nice and blend optimally into the landscape. The museum offers a permanent exhibition which invites you to travel through the Saxon past. However, Weesenstein cannot kep up with our favorite castle in Stolpen: There aren’t any cannons, no knight’s armors and lots of the rooms of the extensive castle complex are just empty.


Interested visitors should attend one of the regularly held guided castle tours.

You can hold wonderful celebrations in the castle. Since 1999 both church weddings and civil weddings have been held here. Furthermore, concerts, readings, theatre performances and other events take place regularly.

Once in the year in early summer, there is the WEESENSTEIN MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL.

Further information

official website of Weesenstein Castle

A visit to the castle can be easily combined with a hiking tour in this very diverse landscape.

You can also arrive in Weesenstein by train (S1). From Heidenau the train (Müglitztalbahn – SB 72) passes through the Müglitz valley – there are lots of tunnels – to Altenberg (stop Weesenstein).

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