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Hiking through the Gebergrund


One of the nice things about Dresden is that you can easily escape the city for a trip into the countryside. Especially, on hot summer days, you should plan a trip in one of the small surrounding valleys with its woodlands and little streams. Today, I’d like to introduce the Gebergrund which is located between Goppeln, Babisnau and Possendorf.

Who arrives by car, has to stop at Golberode. We were lucky and even found a shady parking lot. Who uses public transport, takes the bus line no. 75 to Goppeln and walks about 1km along a road (not busy) to Golberode. Now there are two options. If you want to take the short way, follow the road “Zur alten Schmiede”. Who wants to do a small circular hike, continues along the road in direction of the Babisnauer Pappel and takes the next road on the right “Zum alten Steinbruch”. Both routes lead through romantic orchards and offer a wonderful view on Dresden. The upper, a bit longer path leads you across sunny meadows.

In the Gebergrund itself, there is a nice hiking path with didactic trail and there are three resting places with tables and benches. We even found a geocache (sturdy shoes and long trousers are recommended).

The stream Geberbach is so small that you can only splash around, but not really swim, however, our kids had a really good time. We built dams, put a cable way and water wheel. You should bring a blanket, a towl and some play material like ropes, carabiners, bags, cords, a knife and some plastic bottles. Don’t forget to carry enough to drink on warm summerdays.

Unfortunately, I had only my mobile phone for taking pictures. If someone had the chance to take better pictures, please feel free to send them to me. Have fun there! Konrad

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