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Massenei Pool near Großröhrsdorf

Massenei-Bad - Beckenbereich des FreibadsIf your looking for the great outdoor pools of Dresden and some alternatives, then I can recommend you the ourdoor pool “Massenei” of Großröhrsdorf. Depending on where you are traveling from, it is not so far, and for a complete pool day and in my opinion, it is definitely worth while the trip.

The Outdoor Swimming Pool

The area of the swimming pool is indeed very large. There is plenty of grass and even wood, so you can always find a place in the shade when needed.

The water area is also very large. There is a real 50m swimming pool with 4 starting blocks. Following this there is a diving pool with 1m-springboard and a 3m and 5m diving platform.
The leisure area in the wading pool offers a flowing river and numerous sparkling water springs and spray elements. There is a large wide slide made of stainless steel and two tube slides, each about 60m long and ensure proper slip fun.

In the transitional period, the water of the swimming pool is heated by a solar system. This should still provide fun even on somewhat cooler weather. There is also a so-called thermal hall which is connected by a swimming channel to the outdoor pool which you can then consider as some sort of winter garden.

Remote from the other pool there is a separate children’s pool with different water depths. The facility consists of three pools, which are connected via sliding surfaces. A special anti-slip coating at the edge region of the slides enables the safe ascent for the little ones. In the basin, there is a water mushroom and other sparkling elements. All around are benches and next door is a playground. The changing room and toilets are also just around the corner. At the paddling pool there is no sun shileld, otherwise the investment is exemplary.

Additional Sports Facilities

Next to the snack bar there is a ping pong table. In addition, behind the restaurant there is a soccer field and a (lawn) volleyball field.

Sanitary Facilities

There is a large restroom building with changing rooms, showers (and also a warm one), lockers and toilets. These were well maintained during our visit and clean.
There is a smaller restroom again next to the baby pool. There you will find even a changing room.
A third restroom is located behind the pool restaurant.


There are two different offers. In the thermal hall there is a little and simple snack bar and in the area next to the entrance is a restaurant. Since we had meals with us, we did not test the offer. Unfortunately, during our visit to the nearest restaurant very many wasps were apparent. That seems to be a general problem in the hot summer of 2015. Next time we will certainly sit a little further away and I will take our electric anti wasp grill with us.

Getting there

The outdoor pool is not directly in “Großröhrsdorf”, but about 2.5 km outside, on the road to “Seeligstadt”. The easiest way you get there by car, either with the navigation system or check out the exact directions on the website “Massenei-Bads” (Warning there are roadworks (2015) on the B6 road towards “Bautzen”). Before the pool there is plenty of free parking, and with some luck these are even in the shade.

If you are going by public transport you need to take the regional bus 193 (Bischofswerda – Großharthau – Seeligstadt – Großröhrsdorf) until the stop “Grossroehrsdorf Massenei Bad”). Click here for the timetable information of the RVD – but on the weekends there are not many services.
If you an athletic type – by bike it takes about 30km. If the children can keep up, then it should be possible to do it in 2 hours,  but I do not know if there is a nice route without any traffic.

Opening Times and Prices

During our visit was outdoor pool was open from Mid of May to September daily 9am to 8pm.
The family ticket costs 8€ for 3 hours and 15€ for the whole day.

As this data may change from time to time you should refer to the latest information on the official website of Massenei-Bad.

My Conclusion

We liked this pool very much during our visit. Due to the size and the good equipment the pool offers “Massenei-Bad” is offering bathing fun for all ages, and it was also very relaxing for the parents. We will come back and in our opinion a visit is worth while.

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